Welcome To Creating the Criminal Class

This site is an attempt to use GIS tools and data to show how racially biased drug arrests are in the US, and how as a part of a broken justice and incarceration system (often called the Prison-Industrial Complex) drug arrests contribute to  creating an underclass of ‘criminals’ who are more likely to have difficulty finding employment, housing and accessing education. Please look through the maps presented, each with their own discussion of the methodology behind them. For a larger explanation of the project, check out the About and Further Readings pages. Thanks for visiting and I hope you consider thinking critically about what it means to be a ‘criminal’ means and what ‘justice’ can and should mean. Please email any questions and comments to will at  wdean@criminalclass.entropyalwayswins.com.

This map and accompanying graph show how much higher arrests for drug possession and sale are for Black Americans than for White Americans, even though rates of drug use are very close. View the entire map here.

To see this entire report please visit here and to read about this graph go here.